Wheezing occurs when the individual is unable to breathe properly. Although air is passing into the lungs and is exhaled out of the lungs, the process is not taking place efficiently.

While breathing, air enters the nasal or oral passages, depending on how the individual inhales at the time.

Air then goes through the throat, into the wind pipe, which is located at the front of the throat. Passing by the vocal chords, the air enters the lungs.

There are small sac-like structures in the lungs. These structures fill with air when inhalation occurs. These structures evacuate air when exhalation occurs.

This happens when there is some constriction in the passage through which air flows into and out of the lungs.

Wheezing can be particularly uncomfortable for the individual. Your body exerts a certain amount of force to inhale.

The body will therefore need to exert even more force to ensure that inhalation takes place if there is any obstruction to the process.

This action will tire the individual, particularly as he or she is not receiving adequate supplies of oxygen.

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*Symptoms of Wheezing :

Wheezing results in an ineffective intake of air. An individual will therefore suffer from symptoms of breathlessness when he or she is wheezing.

Other symptoms of wheezing include a feeling of giddiness and a lack of energy. The reason for giddiness being experienced by the individual is again related to a lack of oxygen being absorbed.

This symptom occurs more commonly in people who suffer from a severe attack of wheezing rather than those who suffer from slightly diminished breathing.

An individual who is wheezing may experience some pain in the chest. This happens because the muscles that control the process of breathing may be stressed out.

This may also occur as a result of the lungs being stretched by the muscles.

Apart from these symptoms, a general feeling of unrest will affect the individual.

*Causes of Wheezing:

There are a number of different medical conditions that can cause wheezing. The most common and most obvious condition that causes wheezing is asthma.

Asthma is a condition where the body’s immune system reacts abnormally to the presence of some foreign object or substance in the airways.

This trigger is referred to as an allergen and would usually be some form of dust, pollen or dander. The individual’s immune system then attacks the airways causing a sudden inflammation.

Asthma patients will not be able to survive if they do not have emergency medical equipment with them at the time they experience an asthma attack.

An emergency spray will be used to calm the airways, reducing inflammation and allowing them to open up, allowing breathing to take place more effectively.

Bronchitis is another common condition that affects the respiratory system. Bronchitis may be chronic in young children but most people tend to outgrow the problem.

Very often, bronchitis may occur as a result of some infection that has been picked up by the individual.

People who smoke may suffer from wheezing problems. Smoking involves the ingestion of smoke which, over time, will damage the lungs and airways.

This damage is gradual but progressive. Over time, the individual will suffer from lower and lower lung capacity as the elasticity and efficiency of the lung tissue will reduce.

Throat cancer and lung cancer can also be regarded as possible causes of wheezing as both these conditions have the ability to reduce an individual’s breathing capability.

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*Natural Remedies and Herbal Treatment:

Breathing exercises will help to improve breathing capacity and strengthen the lungs. While this may not cure the problem, it will reduce the effect of wheezing as the individual will have stronger lungs capable of dealing with the restrictions in airflow.


Turmeric can be used in an effective way for controlling wheezing. Turmeric has very strong antiseptic qualities. Taking even a very small portion of turmeric paste can help in overcoming the infection that causes the attacks of asthma.

When you get an attack of asthma, taking small sips of lukewarm water can help in controlling the wheezing.

Taking steam inhalation can help in reducing the spasm of the bronchi and can relive the wheezing to some extent.

A cup of steaming hot tea made from chamomile, geranium and ginger can give a soothing effect and relieves the symptoms of asthma.


Two or three cloves of garlic can be chewed everyday to control the attacks of asthma. Even adding a small quantity of garlic juice to vegetable soup can help in this case.


Lime can be a very useful home remedy for wheezing and asthma. Fresh juice of a lime or lemon can be taken at regular intervals throughout the day, when suffering from an attack of asthma to control the wheezing.

Patients must therefore try to relax themselves as much as they can. This can actually reduce the severity of their breathing problem. In this regard, taking up meditative or relaxing practices like yoga or swimming could help significantly.

Yoga is particularly useful as it not only helps empower the individual with better control over reactions.


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