Wheezing occurs when the individual is unable to breathe properly. Although air is passing into the lungs and is exhaled out of the lungs, the process is not taking place efficiently.

While breathing, air enters the nasal or oral passages, depending on how the individual inhales at the time.

Air then goes through the throat, into the wind pipe, which is located at the front of the throat. Passing by the vocal chords, the air enters the lungs.

There are small sac-like structures in the lungs. These structures fill with air when inhalation occurs. These structures evacuate air when exhalation occurs.

This happens when there is some constriction in the passage through which air flows into and out of the lungs.

Wheezing can be particularly uncomfortable for the individual. Your body exerts a certain amount of force to inhale.

The body will therefore need to exert even more force to ensure that inhalation takes place if there is any obstruction to the process.

This action will tire the individual, particularly as he or she is not receiving adequate supplies of oxygen.

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