Knee Pain is one of the most common joint pains that may be caused by overuse of the knee joint or injuries leading to torn ligaments or cartilages.

Structures like bones, tendons, ligaments and cartilages help the knee joint in performing its functions effectively.

Therefore, injuries or problems in any of these structures tend to cause Knee Pains.

Knee is one of the largest and heaviest hinge joints of the body that works like the hinge of a door, that is, the knee join joint allows proper forward and backward movement.

It also supports actions like bending, straightening, rotating and twisting.

Swelling of the knee causes the knee to become stiff and tight and will restrict one’s ability to straighten or bend the knee properly.

Swelling of the knee is common with several different knee problems.

When there is an effusion immediately after a knee injury, a possible cause is severe injury to an internal joint structure, like the anterior cruciate ligament or a fracture of the top of the shin bone.

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