Cataract is an eye disease wherein the normally transparent crystalline lens of a personnel’s eye has become whitish and opaque, thereby not allowing any light to come in which results to blindness.

The lenses become all blurred and vision is impaired. That is essentially what cataracts are - the clouding of the eye's natural lenses.

While eye cataracts decrease vision and can be very frustrating, they generally don’t cause pain and are not considered dangerous.

However, if a cataract becomes completely white it is called an overripe (hypermature) cataract which can cause inflammation, pain and headache.

A hypermature cataract is not all that common, but should it occur it usually requires removal.

Natural Remedies for Health are safe to use regularly without the harmful side effects of conventional medicine.

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I was diagnosed with a small cataract last year and immediately started using both Can-C and Natural Ophthalmics Cineraria drops. The cineraria drops made my eyes feel really good/rested and they looked clearer.